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The court services division consists of a Division Commander, (1) Sergeant and (1) Deputy. The Court Service Division is responsible for fulfilling the statutory duties of the Sheriff by ensuring the safety and security of the Courts and the overall Courthouse. Court Services Deputies are assigned numerous duties such as:

• Providing security for the courts while in session.
• Carrying out the Judge’s Orders and Directives during Court.
• Transporting Inmates to and from court.
• Executing Court Writs.
• Extraditing prisoners nationwide back to Montgomery County per warrants issued by the Courts.
• Assisting Patrol Division with Calls for Service, Paper
Service, and Investigations.

Montgomery County Court House:
211 East Third Street
Montgomery City, Mo 63361
Phone: 573-564-8084 *Fax: 573-564-8083

Court Services Division

Division Sergeant Chris List

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