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Community Resource Officer Program 


Community Resource Officer
Deputy Sheriff Logan Feger

How does our Community Resource Program work?

The Community Resource Officer (CRO) will work hand in hand with all law enforcement agencies, juvenile division, family services, all school districts, and the communities that we serve to build long lasting relationships. The CRO’s responsibilities will include areas such as; public relations, facilitating resources for citizens requesting aide, notification to the community about law enforcement events, providing educational programs for the citizen on crime prevention, assisting in investigations, and conflict resolution utilizing Crisis Intervention Training.

How does our Community Resource Program work in our schools?

The CRO position will have an emphasis on services for our schools, students, parents, faculty, and school administrators. The CRO’s role in the capacity of a school liaison will include areas such as; education neglect investigations, truancy referrals, response for juvenile issues, acting as a mediator when needed, and bridging the gap of communication between the families and the schools when there are issues of concern. The CRO will assist with mandated reporting and collaborate with school faculty to identify high risk families for resources or service placement. Their main focus will be with the students, utilizing rapport building activities, in efforts to foster good relationships between students and law enforcement officers. We will offer age specific programs, such as; drug awareness, peer pressure, compassion building, anti-bullying, and student driver safety.

The Sheriff's Office has paired up with the schools within Montgomery County to ensure the overall safety of students and staff.

Montgomery County R-II School District which includes;
Montgomery Pre-K and Elementary

Montgomery Middle School

Montgomery Senior High School
Jonesburg Elementary

Wellsville-Middletown R-I School District
Pre-K and Elementary
Middle School
High School

As well as the Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Montgomery City.

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