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All detainees may receive mail through U.S. Postal System. There is generally no limit to the amount. For sending mail to an Inmate, address the mail as follows:

(Detainee Name)
Montgomery County Jail
211 E. Third Street
Montgomery City, Mo. 63361

  • All incoming mail must have a return address and the sender's first and last name.  

  • No postage stamps, envelopes, or paper will be allowed.

  • No personal checks or money orders will be accepted. 

  • No sexually explicit books, photos, drawings, or reading material will be accepted into the Jail.

Incoming and Outgoing General Correspondence may be rejected to protect the security, good order, or discipline of the institution; to protect the public; or to deter criminal activity.

  • When incoming or outgoing mail is confiscated or withheld (in whole or in part), the detainee shall be notified and given a receipt

  • Both sender and addressee shall be provided written notice by way of postcard, signed by designated staff, with an explanation, when the facility rejects incoming or outgoing mail.

  • Written appeals to a decision of rejected mail may be made to the Jail Administrator.

  • (Note: appeals must be made in writing)  

Montgomery County Jail 

211 East 3rd Street

Montgomery City, MO 63361


All incoming mail is opened and check for contraband. Legal mail is opened in front of the inmate and checked for contraband. If contraband is found, the detainee shall be notified and the contraband and its container shall be returned to the sender.

Jail Division 
Detainee Mail

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