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The first process of incarceration occurs at intake in the County Jail. We book into jail approximately 1,500 detainees a year. Each detainee must be fingerprinted and photographed.

  • Fingerprints are captured using the "LiveScan" system tied directly to the Missouri Highway Patrol fingerprint repository in Jefferson City, Missouri. We have been using this technology since 2006.

  • Photographs are captured using a digital photographic system that ties the detainee's photograph with their jail documents. We have been using this system since 2007.

In addition to the booking process, intake is also responsible for both non-contact and contact visitation and for visiting law enforcement contacting the detainee population. During the booking process, compliant persons are given access to a phone in order to call family or a bondsman to arrange for release from jail. In the event a detainee is unable to post bond,  or otherwise be released, jail staff will perform a complete medical and mental health questionnaire, as well as detainee classification workup. Based upon classification, and other determining factors, the detainee is then placed in an assigned housing unit known as, "general population." Once in general population, the detainee has access to a phone, and other resources for communicating with family, friends, and or attorney. The Montgomery County Jail currently has six housing units; four male units, one female unit as well as a trustee unit. If you have further questions, you are urged to contact the Jail Administrator. 

Jail Division 

Located at 211 East Third Street in Montgomery City, Missouri.

Assistant Jail Administrator
Sergeant Jeremy Penning

Jail Administrator
Captain Eric Foree

Jail Supervisor
Sergeant Brian Shahan

Senior Corporal Brian Shahan #220_edited.jpg
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